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Embrace your elegant side with the Winterberry Collection. This traditional, luxury furniture features decorative carvings, claw feet and hand-brushed golden accents. For a classy sofa and loveseat set, formal dining room tables, dining room chairs, entertainment consoles, and more, look no further than the Winterberry Collection. It’s perfectly suited for any room environment and will make you truly feel like royalty.

Winterberry Collection

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Winterberry Sofa
$1,274.14 $1,921.40
Winterberry PU Sofa
$1,103.45 $1,664.00
Winterberry PU Loveseat
$860.34 $1,297.40
Winterberry Loveseat
$1,046.55 $1,578.20
Winterberry PU Chair
$594.83 $897.00
Winterberry Chair
$544.83 $821.60
Winterberry Dining Table
$867.41 $1,308.06
Winterberry Arm Chair
$214.26 $323.10
Winterberry Living Room Set
$3,298.95 $4,646.41
Winterberry Entertainment Center
From $3,422.21 $5,160.69
Winterberry Dining Room Sets
From $2,034.34 $3,067.79
Winterberry Chaise
$844.83 $1,274.00